Having purposeful yet fun and interactive math activities for your kindergarteners is a absolute must!! As educators, we are constantly on the hunt for more interactive, more engaging, and more purposeful math activities. What if you could find activities that were editable to your skills? Brillant, right?!? Well, here are some EDITABLE math activities for your little learners.


Kindergarteners love puzzles!! Here is an activity that is multi purposeful and engaging. Not only will your students be practicing their math skills but also honing their fine motor development and problem solving skills. Win, win!! These Number Puzzles are editable, which allows for number sequence and ordering numbers 1-10, 11-20, numbers by 10 or even starting counting from numbers other than 1. These puzzles come in full-color, enabling lamination and repeat use. They also come in black/white. After copying, students can cut, glue and color the puzzles.

Go to “Puzzle Activities For The Kindergarten Classroom” for more information and ideas.

Color by Code

These interactive math activities can be used all year long for a variety of skills, not just math. WOW!! If you are looking for a multi-purpose, multi-skill activity that is editable-This is the one!! Just download, edit with the skills you want, print and VOILA!! You have an activity for your whole group, small group, station, individual practice, or fast finishers. YAY!! Anything can be added. Number ID, addition, subtraction, mixed addition and subtraction, to name a few. (This can also be edited for literacy.) Your kiddos will love to color and work on this fun activity all while practicing their math skills.

Go to post “Color By Code” for more ideas.


Games are a staple in the kindergarten classroom. Why? Students play the game and don’t realize they are learning new academic skills all while having fun. Here is an inexpensive game that has a recording sheet that is completely editable to the skills you are teaching. Number ID & subitizing, number id, addition, subtraction as well as literacy skills are all included. Perfect activity for your small groups.

Want **FREEBIE** interactive math activities for your kindergarten classroom that is editable? This is a game that I use with a purchase disk drop game board. Go to post “Plinko Games for the Classroom” for more information and ideas. This is a fun and interactive game your kiddos will love to play while practicing their academic skills. This is not just for math skills, but also literacy and editable for the skills you are teaching.

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Plinko Game

Click here to go to post “Plinko Games for the Classroom” to download your **FREEBIE** resource.

Want more game activity ideas for your kindergarten classroom that is intentional and purposeful? Go to “Versatile Learning Games Your Kindergarteners Will Love“.

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