Teaching your child to identify letters and letter sounds is made easy with these free Quick & Easy Printable Alphabet Cards w/ Sound Pictures!

{Free Printable} Alphabet Cards With Pictures Sounds: Help Children With Letter Sounds and Recognition

This week I am so happy to team up with Carolina over at Always Expect Moore for a very FUN & Educational Week of ABC & Sight Word games for early learners! Both Carolina and I are moms of early learners and as many of my readers know, I am also a Kindergarten teacher. My kids are almost 13, almost 7 and 4, which equates to 7th grade, 1st grade & pre-K. One thing that I have learned since having all 3 of my kids is that one size does NOT fit all, meaning that what works for one kid, might or might not work for another one.

Print & Cut your own Alphabet Cards with sound pictures 006

I found this out when my daughter started Kindergarten last year. She just did not seem to be getting letters and sounds like my older son had done when he was in Kindergarten. She struggled and it took her most of the year to master identifying all the letters of the alphabet, as well as each sound. I found that using alphabet cards with pictures was the best way for us to practice these skills. It was quick and easy, so she did not get bored and I got to work one-on-one directly with her, thus spending time with her, but I was also actually able to directly see what letters she was struggling with.

Printable Alphabet Cards with sound pictures for pre-k kids

I created these printable alphabet cards, as I am not always a fan of the flashcards you buy at the store. Oftentimes they have pictures of objects to match the letters that the child has no clue what it is. I chose pictures that I am confident most young children are familiar with.

How to Use the Letter Sounds Cards:

1. Print Cards (There are 4 cards to a page, plus 1 with Y & Z)








2. Cut apart, either using scissors or paper cutter.

3. Go through each card with your child together and say each letter name, as well as the name of the picture. Children actually have to be able to identify letters, before they conquer sounds, in most cases.

4. After your child is familiar with the cards, you can begin to play games with the cards. Come back tomorrow for some great game ideas!

Quick & Easy Printable Alphabet Cards with sound pictures to learn alphabet letters & sounds

If you are interested in knowing what your student should know BEFORE Kindergarten, head on over to read this post!

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