School has officially started and I have 20 little kindergarten darlins’ to teach and mentor.  I think it is safe to say that the beginning of kindergarten is very hectic. Agree? We are trying to teach rules and procedures, but we also have to assess and collect data. Well let me introduce you to some amazing and Easy Kindergarten Assessments!

In the six years that I have been teaching kindergarten, our school has changed required assessments every single year. And most of the time, the district assessments do not give us (the teachers) the data that we need to guide instruction and track academic growth. 

A few years ago, I was introduced to ESGI Software and was blown away by the simplicity and ease of using their digital assessment software. ESGI makes it so easy to collect the much needed data and track each student’s growth. I love that I can quickly pull up any student in my classroom and print out the most current data that I have for them. This comes in handy when parents or other staff members request it, or if I attend a data meeting.

ESGI has just about every type of kindergarten assessment you need or want and best of all, these assessments were created by TEACHERS who have taught or are currently teaching in a KINDERGARTEN classroom!

You can access the assessments with a desktop, or hand-held device, including your phone! This makes assessing so convenient. I have even assessed out on our playground! Their software is also easy to navigate. All of the tabs and accessible printables are clearly marked, but if you happen to have an issue, ESGI has quick and efficient customer service and tech support. 

Another HUGE benefit of using ESGI is that you can instantly print parent letters with each students current data, along with flash cards for the skills that they need to work on. I cannot even tell you how much time this has saved me! Years ago, I used to make individual sets of flash cards or packets of practice work and it was so time consuming. But not anymore! I simply print out each child’s current data, along with the parent letter and flash cards. I can accomplish this task for all of my students in less than 45 minutes!

By using ESGI, I save time and paper! All assessing is done electronically and requires no pencils or paper.  ESGI software also tracks all of the data and provides graphs of every kind for you and your administration to analyze till your hearts content! 😉

Have I convinced you to try ESGI yet? How about a FREE 60 day trial to try these awesome assessments?! And if you decide to purchase a year long license, you can use this same code to receive a $40 savings!! Use the code B7015 for your free trial and $40 savings, which will then give you easy and accurate kindergarten assessments that you save you time, effort and paper! Click HERE to find out more about ESGI or to sign up for your free trial today!

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