What should you do for Earth Day? You can search Pinterest for tons of Earth Day ideas, find a few printables on TpT, or stick around for a few FREE ideas from this Kindergarten teacher! While Earth Day is only one day, you can still incorporate learning and practice a variety of skills, while instructing about this global day.

Earth Day for Little Learners

The best Earth Day Ideas for Kindergarteners. These earth day crafts are helpful for teaching and engaging for students! Simple Earth Day activities for your classroom to go along with the theme of taking care of the earth, recycling, and more!

Earth Day Color by Code

{Editable} Color by Code – Add your own skill

This activity is perfect for Earth Day and is personalized for each year. These activities are perfect for adding any specific skill that your students need extra practice with. Last year my students needed more practice with teen numbers, so I used this activity as an opportunity for additional applications.

A few ideas are to add letters, numbers, high-frequency words, and addition or subtraction sentences. You can access this freebie HERE.

{Faux} Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Craft with Writing Activity

I have tons of coffee filters, so I have a new-found love for using them for craft activities! Here is how to make these cool planet Earths and the free printables to turn it into a purposeful writing project!

  1. Use a black marker to draw a large ‘Earth’ circle on each coffee filter
  2. (optional) Draw outlines of land/countries
  3. Students will use regular markers to color their coffee filter planet Earth
  4. Using a spray bottle with plain water, spray each coffee filter (this will create the tie-dye look)
  5. Allow dry time
  6. Print & cut out sentence stem or sentence strip
  7. Glue coffee filter Earth & sentence strip onto construction paper
  8. Student(s) will write a sentence on strip
Click the IMAGE to download your FREE Earth Day Writing Sentence Stem & Strip!

Torn Paper Earth with Paper Hand Activity

Here is another simple Earth Day activity for little learners of all ages and abilities!

Earth can be purposeful, meaningful AND fun! I hope these activities have inspired you to bring Earth Day education to your Little Learners for the day. Also, if you are looking for book suggestions, check out my recommendations HERE.

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