As teachers, we are always on the lookout for budget-friendly goodies to jazz up our kindergarten classrooms. Personally, I’m head over heels for my local Dollar Tree store’s treasure trove of affordable goodies. Check out my must-have Dollar Tree Finds For Your Kindergarten Classroom.

16 Amazing Finds

Wooden or foam Paper Dolls

Wooden or foam paper dolls can be a fantastic resource for engaging kindergarten students in various activities.

Foam Dry Erase Block

Rhyming Words Puzzles

Integrate these Rhyming Puzzles into your literacy station for individual or partner practice activities. Utilize them in small group sessions for rhyming exercises and fine motor skill development.

Jumbo Tweezer

These large tweezers are essential for every kindergarten classroom. They are ideal for enhancing fine motor skills and can be utilized for Pom Pom activities to support math and literacy learning. (Pumpkin Pie Number Representations Game For Kinders and Test Tube Math are both activities that are perfect for these tweezers.)

Wooden Craft Cubes

Wooden craft cubes offer versatile applications in the kindergarten classroom. You can tailor them to teach any skill you wish your kindergarten students to practice. Here are some creative suggestions to engage your little learners with these blank wooden cubes.

Letter Tiles

These letter tiles are ideal for literacy stations and the Alphabet Soup game. Just take a bowl, place the tiles inside, and provide scoops or ladles for your students to practice identifying letters. How else can you incorporate these tiles into your kindergarten classroom activities? (Favorite Small Group Literacy Tool for Little Learners)


Every kindergarten classroom should have stickers, and the Dollar Tree store typically offers a wide variety of stickers and sticker books. Little learners enjoy using stickers in their daily activities, receiving them as rewards, and simply having fun with them.


I discovered various types of dice at my nearby dollar store, including foam, regular, and jumbo dice. Given that kindergarten students enjoy practicing with dice games, having a range of dice options allows for more enjoyable and interactive math practice activities.

Mini Etch a Sketch

This Mini Etch a Sketch is an essential addition to your kindergarten classroom. Pair it with the Magna Doodle Writing cards, and presto! You’ve created an enjoyable and interactive literacy activity that your little learners will love!!!


Playdough can be a topic that divides teachers, as some adore it while others are less enthusiastic. From my perspective, I see it as a beneficial tool for teaching a range of academic skills to little learners. Being easily accessible at the dollar store, it is both convenient and cost-effective. Grab a few containers, combine them with my Playdough mats, and prepare for interactive activities centered on alphabets, numbers, 2D shapes, names, and sight words. Your students are bound to relish these learning sessions and request additional activities!

Storage Solutions

As you probably already know, Dollar Tree offers a wide array of storage solutions that are essential for your kindergarten classroom. Here are some examples I’ve found and suggest for organizing your numerous supplies.

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops?! Why suggest hula hoops? They are a fantastic solution for managing personal space issues and organizing a student’s supplies for a specific activity in one spot. Add to find them at the Dollar Tree is and added bonus!!! (Teacher Tip: Using Hula Hoops In the Classroom)

Have I convinced you to visit the dollar store nearby, take a stroll through the aisles, and uncover more items that could enhance your classroom? I certainly hope I did. Having a wide range of resources can greatly boost engagement and contribute to the academic success of your kindergarteners.

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