Are you looking for developmentally appropriately Decodable Reading Passages For Little Learners? Look no further!! These are perfect for your beginning readers.

Limited Resources for Little Learners: A Kindergarten Teacher’s Frustration
As an educator for kindergarteners, I have utilized several materials and resources to aid my students. However, I became increasingly frustrated with the limited options that were available to me, particularly for small groups and beginning readers. Activities labeled ‘leveled’ are not always developmentally appropriate. Too many words were not decodable. Therefore, I created Decodable Reading Passages For Little Learners. These are actually developmentally appropriate. Decodable Reading Passages are full of short vowel centered decodable words along with high-frequency words.

Decodable Reading Passages For Little Learners


👉🏻They are here!➡️ A few days ago I shared about my ✨NEW✨ Decodable Passages and asked if they should be separate or in a bundle…majority said both! ❇️These sets of Decode & Read Passages focus on short vowel CVC words and include high-frequency words, as well as a retelling option. #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning #kindergartenactivities #decodabletext #decodablereaders #scienceofreading

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Activity #1

Decode, Read, Cut & Glue

In this downloadable activity, students read the truly decodable passages, then cut out the retell pictures and glue in order to show comprehension.

Includes: (15) 1 Page Decodable Passages with Cut/Glue Pictures for Retell Comprehension

{These passages are 80-90% decodable. There are a few words that are not CVC short-vowel based, in order to make the passage readable and with more content.} Please read beforehand and address unknown decodable words with your students.

Activity #2

Decode, Read, and Draw

Short vowel centered decodable words are plentiful in these passages, as well as high frequency words. Little learners will draw and label the picture for comprehension after reading the passages.

(15) 1 Page Decodable Passages with a Drawing Box for Retell Comprehension is included in this fun and engaging activity.

Bundle For More Fun And Savings

This Decodable Passages Bundle includes both of the passages activities. Passages in both activities are identical–but have different retelling comprehension options.

*~* What is the benefit of having the same passages, but varying retell comprehension? By giving little learners a chance to practice and improve their fluency, they will become more familiar with the passage. Incorporating various comprehension tasks can enhance the retelling experience and provide a challenge for emerging readers.! *~*

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