Building classroom community for kindergarteners is very important. Having a strong classroom community helps your new students feel safe, and provides connections with other student along with the teacher and staff. Need some ideas for creating and building your classroom community for a successful new school year?

A strong classroom community sets the stage for cooperative interactions between students and teachers. This enables students to trust one another, work well together, and promotes a healthy learning environment. You as the teacher must promote and create a classroom community that is conducive to this environs.

Using name activities for introductions is a great way to start building community. After writing or crafting their names, you can have your students display them while introducing themselves and telling something about themselves, such as pet, favorite toy, how many siblings etc. This starts an interactive communication process with your new students. Use this time to observe and begin the process of pairing up for your partner activities.

Need name activities? Check out post “4 Name Activities Perfect For Little Learners From TikTok” or “The Best Name Activities for Kindergarten” for more ideas and information.

Next, take many opportunities for partners in whole group and partner activities. Not only is this a great way to teach cooperation, but also tolerance and acceptance. Naming these partnerships “cookies and milk”, “peanut butter and jelly” or some other duo, makes this a fun and exciting new venture for your little learners.

These “shoulder together” activities allow for your students to work together and accomplish a specific task. This is also very helpful with class chores.

Your classroom community will become strong when your students feel secure, supported, and valued.

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