It’s back to school season and there are a ton of emotions. One of my favorite things to do is to give my students a Welcome To School Treat. I do this at either meet the teacher day/night or on the first day of school. This is great for helping children to feel more comfortable with their teacher and classroom. And who doesn’t love a fun little gift? Gifts or treats make everything better! Each year I make sure to have a small gift or treat, as well as my Meet The Teacher Letter to give out. This helps to make a connection and start building those relationships with students AND grown ups!

A simple back to school treat label sticker for a back to school gift for your students. #backtoschool #teachergift #kindergartenteacher

Treat Label Sticker

This printable is a simple label that is easy to cut out and attach to any sort of bubble wand or bubbles. I happened to find popsicle shaped bubbles at the Dollar Tree, but this can work for any bubbles that you find. I printed the labels out onto card stock, just to make it a little more stable. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the tag and use twine or ribbon to tie it on. Or you can just use tape to secure the tag to the bubbles. Regardless of how you use the tag, enjoy giving your students a sweet little bubble treat for back to school or open house!

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