Kindergarten teachers frequently use attention getters to redirect students’ focus and uphold a structured classroom environment. You likely have some go-to phrases like “Hocus, Pocus” that have worked well for you. But have you thought about incorporating academic elements into these Attention Getters In Kindergarten?

Attention Getters or Call Backs

As a kindergarten teacher, capturing the attention of your little learners is an ongoing task that recurs throughout the day. Children can easily become distracted and lose focus, requiring us to guide them back to the task at hand, especially when transitioning to a new activity or managing noise levels. One effective strategy is to introduce a simple phrase or words that students can easily recall and repeat as a group. You initiate with the first phrase, and your kinder respond with the corresponding reply. Example: Teacher– “Red Light” – Students- “Green Light”.

Add Academics to Call Backs

Now, why not incorporate some academic challenges into your callbacks? For instance: Teacher–“What is 2 plus 2?” Students–“4!” This engaging method not only helps with classroom management but also provides additional academic reinforcement. Give it a try and see the positive impact today!


💬Attention getters or call & responses for the classroom…do you use them? 🤩Have you ever considered making them academic and giving little learners an additional opportunity to practice their learning? Watch this reel and wait to see my kindergarteners respond with the vowels!💜 If you use any academic call backs, please share, so we ALL can learn and grow! #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning #teachertok #classroommanagement #teachertips #teachertok

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos

Changes Attention Getters

Switching up these call backs on a regular basis – be it weekly, monthly, seasonally, or aligned with a particular theme – can help maintain engagement. This can help prompt your little learners to stay alert and provide accurate answers. (Academic Callbacks and Attention Getters For Kindergarten)

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