A crucial first step to teaching little learners how to write is to teach them how to draw. For kindergarten students, Alphabet Guided Drawings for Beginning Writers is an excellent resource to kick off their writing journey.

Drawing is a fundamental skill that students can learn, and it is a vital precursor to writing. Drawing basic images of recognizable items is not only fun for little learners but also helps improve their writing skills, particularly when creating pictures for beginning sound words. Go to “Teaching Guided Drawing to Beginning Writers” for more ideas and information.

Alphabet Guided Directed Drawings

In this activity, little learners will follow the pictorial guide to draw pictures representing the beginning sound then practice tracing or independently writing the focus letter. This versatile activity is suitable for whole groups, small groups, independent practice, and especially your writing station. Use this developmentally appropriate approach to teach writing to little learners. This activity is not only fun and engaging, but provides purposeful practice of beginning writing skills.


✏️I’ve been sharing my anchor charts and the process of teaching guided/directed drawing for many years!🤩And after sharing this instructional model and resources with my writing course members, I decided to share this with EVERYONE!😍Not only are these activities intentional, purposeful practice, I have offered (2) different options and have included the short and long vowels! ✏️ Who wants to check out Alphabet Guided Directed Drawings for Little Learners?! I promise that these are the perfect addition to the beginning of the year and your writing station! #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2023📓 #kindergartentips #kindergarten #kindergartenwriting #kindergartenactivities

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What’s Included

64 Alphabet Guided Directed Drawing Activities (2 options for differentiation)

Trace the Letter (32)

Independently Write Letters (32)

Print & Go

Includes long vowels and (2) options for letter Xx.

Standards for Alphabet Guided Drawings for Beginning Writers

CCSSRF.K.1d  Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

CCSSL.K.1a  Print many upper- and lowercase letters.

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