As kindergarten teachers, we’re constantly hunting for exciting ways to teach the ABCs to our little learners. Dive into these awesome Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten that blend learning with loads of fun!

Letter Hunt

Embark on an exciting letter hunt! Your little learners will transform into detectives as they search for hidden letters, whether indoors or outdoors. This game goes beyond just finding letters; it’s a fun way to keep them active and engaged! The letter hunt kicks off with an anchor chart (Alphabet Letter Picture Cards for Anchor Charts & Sorting) in whole group, introducing the letter of the day. Students can then explore the room to locate the letters. (Alphabet Posters with Real Non-Fiction Pictures) Whether it’s in the classroom or the schoolyard, the letter hunt ensures your kindergarteners are involved and moving. Finding each letter brings a sense of achievement and motivates your little learners to continue their search eagerly. This interactive activity not only enhances observation skills but also promotes teamwork and collaboration among your students.

Alphabet Bingo

Play a fun game of alphabet bingo where your students have to match letters on their bingo cards with the ones called out. This game is a great way to reinforce letter recognition skills in a playful way.

Alphabet Art

Get creative with alphabet art projects where students can make crafts using materials that start with a specific letter. This hands-on activity not only teaches the alphabet but also enhances fine motor skills. (Alphabet Animal Art Activities)


Do you have my Alphabet Animal Art Activities?👍🏻Make sure you re-download for the traceable alphabet sentence addition!🤩The creation station provides creative literacy opportunities, as well as following multi-step directions and fine-motor muscle practice. 💬🥰 #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning Want to know more about the Creation Station in Kindergarten? 💬

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Pattern Blocks

Provide your kindergartners with Pattern Blocks blocks to help them visually and tactilely learn the shapes of letters. This hands-on approach can make learning the alphabet more concrete and engaging for little learners. (Alphabet Letter Pattern Block Mats)


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♬ ALMOST HOME – Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier

Letter Formation Practice

Set up a writing station where your students can practice writing and forming letters using different materials like sand, playdough, (Alphabet Playdough Mats) or shaving cream. This multisensory approach helps reinforce letter shapes and improves fine motor skills. (Creating Successful Writing Stations For Little Learners)


Don’t forget about fine-motor practice when completing literacy activities! Alphabet Playdough Mats to the rescue! Meaningful, purposeful AND fun!!

♬ Adventure – André Branney

I hope this has given you some more fun and engaging activity ideas for alphabet practice for your little learners.

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  1. I love all of the alphabet activities you shared. They are interactive and fun for young learners! I can’t wait to implement these in my classroom!

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