Did you know that Administrative Professionals Day is always the last Wednesday of a complete week every April? Well….now you do! I always take this day to thank the office staff at my school. I also love to give them a small gift as a token of my appreciation for all that they do to help our school run smoothly. I decided to make some jumbo embellished paper clips with an attached thank you note. Click on image below for this FREE printable. Feel free to use it for what you wish. But don’t forget to thank & appreciate your office staff!

The office staff should wear super hero capes, they do so much for the whole school. They deserve all the things. This free printable & fun paper clip gift is such an easy way to show your appreciation!

Supplies Needed:

Jumbo Paper Clips (around 4″) I purchased at Target in the Office Supply section, but you can purchase on Amazon too.

Variety of Ribbon strips cut to around 6″-7″

Hot Glue


Step 1: First take your strips of ribbon and make a cross-type pattern.

Step 2: Next, take a smaller (1.5″-2″) piece of ribbon and tie around all the criss-crossed ribbons, leaving the ends out.

Step 3: Securely tie to the end of the paper clip and then hot glue to hold.

Voila! You now have an adorable ribbon-embellished jumbo paper clip that was easy and quick to make! Attach these paper clips to the **FREE** printable and you now have the perfect little gift for Administrative Professionals Day, back-to-school gifts for colleagues, teacher appreciation, or really for any occasion.

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