DIY Ribbon Embellished Jumbo Paper Clips

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to everyone!! 🙂 Most of you already know that I am a Kindergarten teacher, but for those of you that don’t, that little nugget of information may help to explain that while I love to make pretty things and be crafty, I rarely have the time. This year, I was determined to not only remember this ‘special’ day, but to make something for the ladies in my front office, in celebration of the work that your school’s office staff has done. I decided to make some cute ribbon-embellished jumbo paper clips, along with a cute printable, plus attach a small Starbucks gift card.

I was inspired to make these adorable, ribbon-embellished, jumbo paper clips as my little gift. I figured that they would be a hit, since I had shared some that I had made on the @targetteachers Instagram page awhile ago and many people inquired about them. Fast forward a few weeks to yesterday, when I quickly made a few for the ladies in my front office, and attached them to a cute printable. Again, I shared it on my Instagram page and @targetteachers shared it on their page and BOOM…more inquiries and questions. So, I decided to post a quick tutorial on making these embellished paper clips yourself, along with sharing the free printable! I will just call it the Administrative Professionals Day DIY FREEBIE …Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

Jumbo Paper Clips (around 4″) I purchased at Target in the Office Supply section, but you can purchase on Amazon too.

Variety of Ribbon strips cut to around 6″-7″

Hot Glue


Embellished Paper Clip Supplies -

Step 1: First take your strips of ribbon and make a cross-type pattern.

Embellished Ribbon Paper Clips

Step 2: Next, take a smaller (1.5″-2″) piece of ribbon and tie around all the criss-crossed ribbons, leaving the ends out.

Step 3: Securely tie to the end of the paper clip and then hot glue to hold.

DIY Ribbon Paper Clips

Voila! You now have an adorable ribbon-embellished jumbo paper clip! Easy and quick to make, these can be the perfect little gift for Administrative Professionals Day, back-to-school gifts for colleagues, teacher appreciation, or really for any occasion. Another idea is to clip the paper clips onto a cute printable when giving as a gift.

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