Absences. Almost without exception, every student will have at least one absence during the school year. While every school and/or school district has their own policy on what makes an absence excused, or not excused, teachers everywhere appreciate a quick note. This Free Printable Student Absence Note for parents is a great way to get the information that you need from your students’ family.

Free Printable Absence Note for parents to fill out when their students are absent. This is super helpful for getting information from your families that you need. #kindergarten #classroommanagement #kindergartenteacher

Free Printable Student Absence Note

After years of having parents ask me for paper and writing utensils the day after an absence, I created this simple absence note for parents/guardians to use when an absence occurs.  This absence note is to be filled out by parents or guardians, which also includes the absence date, reason, and parent/guardian signature. This can be turned into the teacher or given to the office staff. My office staff loves these, as it provides the relevant information and they don’t have to track down parents/guardians to verify or guess on the student’s name or absence date.

I make copies and cut them, since there are two notes to a page. I love this paper cutter.
Next, I put them into a magnetic paper pouch and stick it to my classroom door so they can be easily accessed by families. I introduce these to families on meet the teacher day and open house. I show the parents how to use them and where they are located on my door. My parents or guardians never have to ask me for paper and writing utensils, as the note is always in the same place, along with a pen. I have heard great feedback from parents and guardians on these little notes. So these are a winner all around and you can get your own free copy HERE! (Please don’t forget to leave feedback when you download. This way others know that other educators think this printable rocks!)

This allows families to just grab a note, when their student has been absent. They can fill it in and return it without much effort. This simple form allows for a consistent format for every absence in my classroom and helps out the office staff!

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