Howdy friends! It’s week 2 of our summer book study and I can’t wait to share a multitude of ways to organize Guided Reading supplies and materials for your small group instruction. (I apologize for this being late).

25+ Ideas For Organizing Guided Reading Supplies & Materials In The Classroom

Last week we discussed  chapter 1, which was about  determining who is in your small groups, the skill focus, and how much time will be spent with each group. The next important priority is gathering and organizing the supplies and materials you will need to use in your various guided reading small groups.

Since you have already organized your groups with this free printable, designate a place to store their specific skill materials and guided reading books. You could do this with a set of rainbow drawers,

simple, plastic, paper drawers, or larger storage drawers.

Anything of this sort will work for storing guided reading, small group specific materials.

Next, you will want to have a place to store materials to use with all groups, such as pointers, dry erase boards and markers, pencils, sticky notes, etc. I am particularly fond of this caddy, that is actually for cleaning, but works awesome for small group supplies.I have found that keeping these materials handy for all groups, really minimizes interruptions. Here are some examples of how other teachers have organized their guided reading/small group groups and tools. There is really no right or wrong, just personal preference. The key being to make an effort to organize and stay organize. Happy small group organizing!

25+ Ideas For Organizing Guided Reading Supplies & Materials In The Classroom

Guided Reading Schedule from First Grade Garden

Free Guided Reading Resource Cards from Mrs. Richardson’s Class

10 Easy Classroom Organization Tips – Guided Reading Bins from Easy Teaching Tools

Must Have Small Group Supplies Organization from The Applicious Teacher

25+ Ideas For Organizing Guided Reading Supplies & Materials In The Classroom

Guided Reading Level Folder from What The Teacher Wants

12 Must Have Guided Reading Tools In Kindergarten from Kindergarten Works

Guided Reading Caddy from The Good Life

DIY Mini Anchor Chart Stand from Frogs In First

Lower Interruption Printable Sign from Inspired Elementary

25+ Ideas For Organizing Guided Reading Supplies & Materials In The Classroom

Creating A Teacher Small Group Reading Cart from A Modern Teacher

Small Group Supplies from Miss DeCarbo

Small Group Drawers from Bainbridge Class

Three Tips For Making The Most Of Small Group Instruction from Teaching Tips and Classroom Ideas

Do you have any fabulous ideas for organizing guided reading supplies and materials in the classroom? Please share with us on our Facebook page!


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  1. Your blog is the BEST! I am a new kindergarten teacher and I’ve looked at TONS of blogs and yours is the most detailed and practical. THANK YOU so much. I can’t wait for you to post more. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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