My #1 Tip For Teachers Of Little Learners may seem obvious, but it’s crucial for classroom success. Explicitly teach your students how to use school supplies! Don’t worry if you need assistance with this – I’ve got just the resource for you.

In kindergarten, some children may not have had prior experience using the wide variety of school supplies available. By teaching them what each item is, how to properly use them, and how not to use them, you can equip your little learners with the tools they need to succeed academically throughout the year.

Getting Started

How To Teach School Supplies

I created this resource that includes all school supplies a kindergartener will use. Anchor chart clip art and practice pages are included in this amazing must-have.


✏️✂️Do you explicitly teach your Little Learners how to use the supplies/tools in your classroom?! If not, you NEED to!🌟How to Use School Supplies includes all of the anchor chart clip art, as well as practice pages and a final book to review each supply! ➡️It’s also available in Spanish! 🖊️Who wants/needs this in THEIR classroom? #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2023📓 #kindergartentips #tiktokteacher #classroommanagement #rulesandprocedures #Education #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #kindergarten

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Check out this Blog post “How To Use School Supplies – Rules, Procedures, & Expectations” for more on this resource.

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