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Use one game board to make a variety of fun Classroom Plinko Games!

DIY Plinko for the Classroom - kindergartenchaos.com

So my idea for Classroom Plinko Games came about last school year when I was teaching addition and subtraction. Like most of you guys, I am always looking for new, fun, and engaging ideas and games to add to my classroom and the idea of a Plinko game sounded like so much fun! But…I couldn’t find one anywhere! I think at one time Lakeshore had a Plinko-style game, but it’s been discontinued.:-(

After thinking about it over the summer, I came across these Disk Drop Games and decided I could DIY  it and make it my own Plinko game for the classroom.

Plinko Game from Oriental Trading

You can find this exact Disk Drop Game on Amazon, or through Oriental Trading.

After receiving it, I measured the title box at the top and the ovals at the bottom. I created game titles for the top of each game and corresponding pieces, such as letters for Alphabet Plinko, numbers for Number Plinko, and sight words for Sight Word Plinko.

Kindergarten Plinko

Next, I laminated all of the pieces, including the response sheets.

Then, using small, round, sticky-back velcro circles, I adhered them to the game board and each of the pieces.

Plinko Makeover DIY for Classroom

The ideas are endless for these Plinko games for the classroom!! Alphabet letters, numbers, sight words, addition, subtraction, vocab words, shapes, etc. (I will be updating my Plinko Printables, as I make them…become a follower of my blog and my TPT store to stay updated!)

How to play? The game comes with 6 playing discs, that students will use to drop, which will then go into a specific slot. That slot will have a letter, number, sight word, etc, that the student will now record using a dry erase marker.

This game can be playing independently, as a partner game, or as a small group game. The possibilities are endless! What would you like to do with this ‘Plinko’ game?

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