Hey friends! After a week at the I Teach K conference, I am back and ready to catch up on my missed blog posts. 🙂 Today on my series, 31 Days of Kindergarten, I am talking about The Playdough Station in the Kindergarten Classroom.

There are two different types of teachers, the ones who love playdough and the ones who DO NOT LIKE playdough. 😉 Where are you on this list? I am on the list of teachers who love it. I believe that playdough helps assist in strengthening fine motor skills, as well as accomplish an academic skill through hands on learning.

What You Need for the Playdough Station

What to Teach Your Students About This Station

What Students Do At This Station

How to ‘Energize’ this Station

This is another easy to set up station that the students love! I created the playdough mats to be interactive, so students will not only use playdough, but also practice with dry erase markers. Students can write letters, beginning sounds, and even sentences. This extends the station and learning just a little more. Hope you gained some new ideas and plan on implementing a playdough station this upcoming school year!

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3 Responses

  1. I’m a big play dough fan. It is such a good fine motor support and if used correctly can help students learn and play at the same time. Win. Win. I like to make my own. Pumpkin spice is a fall favorite, but I’m going to try your Koolaid microwave recipe.

  2. Every year I make play dough to use in my kindergarten classroom. Thank you for sharing your microwave recipe. I tried it today and couldn’t believe how easy it was to make! Love it! Can’t wait to share it with my students.

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