Hi friends and a big welcome to any new readers! Today has been an awesome day, since I had the opportunity to ‘take-over’ GoNoodle’s Instagram account! And since I received such a warm and positive response from their followers, I decided to share all of my GoNoodle Ideas for the Classroom here!!

I have been using GoNoodle in my classroom over the last 2 school years and I love it! If you have never heard of it, then I urge you to go to GoNoodle.com and sign up for a free account, as well as read more about it there! But since most of you know the awesome benefits and perks of using GoNoodle, I will move right on to sharing a few of my simple ideas!

It seems like after the first 12 weeks of school, the students are starting to get antsy and eagerly anticipating their ‘breaks’. So now is time to bust out my character magnets and create my simple class token board. I find that it is easiest for me to just draw a simple ten-frame on my magnetic dry-erase board. I have seen other teachers create a separate board, specific for this use, but this is what works for me. As the school day begins and progresses, the class ‘earns’ characters for working hard and following classroom rules and the goal is to fill up the ten-frame. And as soon as the ten-frame is filled up, our class has earned a GoNoodle brain break or dance off!

GoNoodle Behavior Ten Frame with Magnets - kindergartenchaos.com

Looking to make your own magnets or token board? Here are the simple directions:

GoNoodle Magnets - Easy to Make - kindergartenchaos.com


Printable GoNoodle Characters

Magnet Buttons or Magnetic Stickers


Step 1: I laminated the sheet of character cards.

Step 2: I cut out each character and then adhered the button magnets to the back of each card with E6000.

Easy peasy…you are finished and they are ready to use!

The next idea that I use in my classroom, uses the same printable character cards! I call it the GoNoodle Queen or King of the dance! I use this idea to encourage participation during each GoNoodle brain break or dance party. I randomly choose a student who appears to be trying their best, has mastered the dance or moves, or has maybe just stepped out of their comfort zone and participated. The selected king or queen gets to wear the GoNoodle lanyard with character picture and wears it until a new king or queen is chosen!

GoNoodle Lanyard Queen or King of the Day - kindergartenchaos.com

Just print the character cards, laminate them, and then punch a hole and attach to lanyard!

Next up…my GoNoodle scepter or incentive stick. 🙂 I made this from the same character cards and just attached to a Popsicle stick. I hand this out to someone who is doing a fabulous job and they get to choose the next GoNoodle song/dance!

GoNoodle Incentive Sticks - kindergartenchaos.com

And last but not least, I wanted to share a few favorites from my class.

GoNoodle - Crossing the Midline - kindergartenchaos.com

Here is my class at morning meeting, doing the Eagle Pretzel Stretch. I love the Maximo stretches, as it provides multiple opportunities for my students to cross their ‘midlines’. Researchers say that crossing the midline is essential to academic success and that is actually helps to build new pathways in the brain! So happy that my students get multiple opportunities to stretch their bodies and their minds!!

And finally, I wanted to share about GoNoodle Plus! I just started using this in the last few weeks and my class and I LOVE it!! The picture below shows my class participating in the Math Marathon. You get to choose your grade level and the specific skill you want to work on. I specified Kindergarten and number sense with numbers up to 20. You also get to specify the amount of time, such as 2, 4, or 5 minutes. This specific GoNoodle alternates between questions and ‘turbo’ running! It has been a fun way to work on our math skills, as well as add in some extra fitness and burn some energy!

Using GoNoodle Plus in the Classroom

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that you found and idea that works for you, your students, and your classroom! And if you are looking for some awesome books to teach Rules and Procedures, check out this post or check out this post for some great ideas on using playdough in the classroom!

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  1. Hi! I can not seem to find your GoNoodle character printables, could you please email a link for them? Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas – please do not share my email.

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