It’s another sunny day here at Kindergarten Chaos and I’m excited to share today’s 31 Days of Kindergarten post. What does the Creation Station look like in Kindergarten? I get asked this a lot when I speak to kindergarten teachers about literacy stations in the classroom. What is a creation station? Is a creation station really necessary? Does it belong in the literacy station rotations? How do I link the activities to the standards? Well this blog post is for you!! I hope to answer these questions for you, plus more!

What is a Creation Station?

A creation station is a station that combines art and literacy. I am a firm believer in art, as well as the process of art projects. Giving students the opportunity to use their imagination and use a variety of art mediums, engages the brain and allows for personal expression. In my experience, I have seen students flourish, when they have been given the opportunity to create. As the years have gone by, I have seen new kindergartners come in with less and less experience using art supplies, as well as a lack of fine motor skills. The creation station allows for fine motor practice, experience in using art supplies and classroom tools, as well as connecting to our current literature and literacy skills.

What You Need for a Creation Station

What to Teach Students About This Station

What Students Do At The Creation Station

The idea behind this station is creativity with a literacy purpose. There are so many standards that can be applied to this station, especially when there is a connection to your literature and literacy focus for the week. My students love the creation station and enjoy each and every project. And when they have completed their specified project for the week, they enjoy free art and using their creativity. There is so much power in creativity with a literature spin. I encourage you to start your creation station this year!! Do you have more questions? Leave them here or find me on social media and ask away!

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4 Responses

  1. I have a question. Do you leave examples of each step of the project? A lot of of my students have never been in a school setting before kindergarten. If I were to give them directions on Monday for a project they would not be able to remember them the rest of the week. Even step by step instructions of something we build together is challenging. Any suggestions to help with this so I can run a creation station?

    1. Yes, I leave an example of each project. And honestly, I usually make 2 or 3 students the creation station ‘expert’. Those students are the ones who remember what to do and how to do it. Students can always go and ask one of the experts to remind them what to do. Also, I usually have easy 1-2 step projects at the beginning of school and as time goes on, the projects may increase in difficulty. Hope that helps. 🙂

    1. The Creation Station is a part of my literacy stations and so my students do 3 rotations a day at 15 minutes a piece.

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